Scales to 3D

With Expivi’s platform, Expandable uses 3D to help customers choose from features and accurately visualize products.

Key Features

3D configurator

Expandable’s customers can build their trailer and container and get an accurate visualization of the end-product.


The configurator links pricing with each feature of the product, making it easier for Expandable’s team to send direct quotes.

Social Sharing

The Expandable team is able to share options of configured products with prospective customers more easily.

Expanding possibilities

Expandable, the trailer and container company that’s redefining movable space, wanted to show prospective customers all product possibilities in a quick and efficient way. The trailers and containers come with many configurable options that are not easily shown through photos. In fact, they’re built in a way that makes them unique to customers and their needs; they’ve been used as COVID vaccination points, pop-up restaurants, mobile showrooms and race trailers, to name a few.

With such an innovativeand also complexproduct, Expandable needed a solution that would let their customers visualize the product and get a more realistic idea of the end result. That’s where Expivi came in.

With the 3D configurator in place, customers are now able to build their own trailer and container and see all available product options for each of the sides, such as premium glass, and sliding doors. This facilitates the customer journey, as well as the sales cycle.

“This configurator that we’ve built with Expivi, will make it much more efficient for our sales team to make quotes that are catered specifically to our customers’ needs and expectations.

We’re saving a lot of time in our day-to-day operations with this new technology in place, and speeding up conversion rates. It’ll definitely help us scale faster.”

 said Michiel Becx, Owner of Expandable.

Expandable’s strength is in their standard models that customers can then build, choosing from a range of options. With the configurator in place, the sales team is able to put the product on a large screen, and really take the customer through each step of the building process.

For sales that are done remotely, the Expandable team uses the social sharing feature to send their customers 3D models with endless possibilities. What’s more is that they’re able to send direct quotes using Expivi’s Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) tool. This really saves the team a lot of time in calculating the total price, since the technology already links pricing to each component of the trailer and container.

The 3D configurator helps us achieve the simplicity we need in our meetings with prospective customers.

Michiel Becx, Owner of Expandable

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