Produce and sell retail smartly with an immersive customer experience

It starts with the customer choosing from your product options, using a 3D configurator that we create for your e-commerce site.

Next, your manufacturers only produce what’s ordered, disrupting your entire supply chain and sending products directly to customers (D2C). That’s the efficient solution – no more waste of resources, repetitive sampling, shelved products, warehouse space to maintain.

The traditional 12-to-18 month development cycle is automatically shifted to a customer engaged personalization model with shoes delivered in only days.​

Configure your shoe

Base Shoe Color
Mid Sole Color
Strap Color

Direct-to-consumer for a sustainable future

Engage your customers

3D product configuration lets customers customize their own pair of shoes, making them unique. They then see them in 360° and in their own environment with Augmented Reality.​

Only produce what’s ordered​

Orders are received and manufactured on-demand without wasting resources. An ERP system links with your backend providing a Bill-of-Materials. Phew, no more errors.​

Send orders directly to customers​

Direct-to-consumer means you can forget shelving, warehouse space, and selling products at a discount with big marketing spend. It’s fast, cost effective and sustainable.​

No more returns​

Customers that see products as close to reality as possible rarely return them. And when they’re personalized, returns are canceled. Reduce stock with customization and personalization. ​

35% of footwear is returned each year; that’s three times more than general

On-demand manufacturing and direct-to-consumer is the solution. Why and how?

Actual results

And we mean it. Brands that use 3D product configurators and Augmented Reality see an increase in customer engagement, higher sales, and lower spend.

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Increase Upsell

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