IMOTANA and T1TAN Kickstart With 3D and AR

With Expivi’s platform, IMOTANA and T1TAN use 3D product configuration and Augmented Reality to help their customers choose from features and accurately visualize products. With these tools in place, the brands only produce what’s ordered, sending customized football boots and gloves directly to consumers (D2C).

Key Features

3D configurator

Customers can build their football boots and gloves, and get an accurate visualization of the end-product.

Augmented Reality

Football boots and gloves can be experienced literally anywhere using WebAR on a mobile device browser.


Customers can personalize football boots and gloves with custom text, and see the result in AR.

Beyond goals


IMOTANA and T1TAN, the German football boots and football gloves that are redefining personalization in the sports industry, wanted to meet their consumers’ expectations by offering unique products. With a close connection to their consumers, they understood that customization and personalization of sporting goods was a trend to keep on their radar.

“The increasing challenge in the sports industry is that footballers want unique football boots and gloves,” said Matthias Leibitz, Co-founder and CEO of IMOTANA and T1TAN, “We saw a gap in the market for personalization to adapt products to the consumer’s wish.”

Another important challenge the companies wanted to solve was the overproduction of sporting goods in the football industry. And they were looking for the tools that would let them Make-to-Order instead of Make-to-Stock.

“We strongly believe in producing exactly what the consumer wants,” said Leibitz, “That way, we serve the consumer, but we also eliminate big investments for storage that comes with having stock that the market doesn’t want.


With Expivi’s 3D product configurator and Augmented Reality tool for e-commerce, IMOTANA and T1TAN can let consumers see products from every angle on their e-commerce platform, choose from features and colors, and personalize football boots and gloves (marking their names or initials for example). Consumers are able to design their very own products and get a realistic idea of what they’re buying.

“Consumers are much more emotionally bound to products they design, than standard products they order from the shelf. That’s because they invest time and creativity to make unique products. And for us, it lowers returns,” said Leibitz.

The supply chain is also optimized so that products are on-demand and sent directly to consumers (D2C). As soon as the consumer makes an order, IMOTANA and T1TAN are paid up front, and only make what’s ordered. Then, the product is sent directly to the consumer without the need for warehouse space.


Since using Expivi’s platform, IMOTANA and T1TAN have seen high customer satisfaction and retention rates, with around 60% of returning customers.

“With such a personalized product, you’re able to create more loyalty with your consumers because they receive something special straight from your brand,” said Leibitz.

As a next step, IMOTANA and T1TAN plan to shorten their production cycle, accelerating it from 6 weeks to 2-3 weeks, and in the long term to just 1 week.

“I think the 3D product configurator will increasingly become the norm in the future, for all products”

Matthias Leibitz, Co-founder and CEO of IMOTANA and T1TAN

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