Getting hooked
on 3D configuration

Find out how Eduard increased sales by 150% in three years and solved every client transportation need with Expivi’s 3D configuration platform.

Key Features

3D configurator

Eduard’s clients can personalize their dream
trailer online by choosing several features
with real-time price quotes.

Digital showroom

The configurator links pricing with each feature of the product, making it easier for Eduard's team to send direct quotes.


Easily expand to other countries with a translated version of the configurator, plus explore and add new features with digital prototyping.

Serving every customer, honoring every request

For over 20 years, Eduard has been keeping busy creating the most reliable trailers in the business and making transportation possible for their customers. But with wisdom and experience comes the need to deliver at the highest standards. 

Standing still is regressing, according to Eduard, which is why their company made more than 10.000 trailer variations possible, all with top-quality materials. A problem rose: based on the clients’ needs, how could they make sure they had the correct configuration out of thousand possible combinations?

Normal photography and 3D rendering wouldn’t cut it. Too many variations and too large of a product. A 3D configurator seemed like the perfect solution.

“It was a no-brainer to choose to work with Expivi. We have more than 10.000 variations of our product. Expivi’s 3D configurator enabled us to showcase all combinations while giving the customer the power to create their dream trailer. Standing still is going backward and Eduard is in constant motion.” – Niko Saris,  E-commerce & Business Development Manager Eduard

Hooking Expivi to Eduard

Expivi teamed up with Eduard to honor every request, providing customers an easy way to view, configure and personalize their desired trailer. No need for thousands upon thousands of photos clogging the website. No need for a series of meeting to know how things might look. 

Shoppers can change the size, accessories, total weight, drive-on system… Every feature is visible from every angle. Full 360◦ views.

This comes with benefits for both business and customer:

  • Eduard no longer has to go through the fastidious process of showing each part of the trailer to customers in order for them to get the final idea, allowing Eduard to focus on “tackling transportation needs” instead of just “product selling”.
  • Customers no longer have to go through the trouble of viewing all the different variations, they are now able to easily configure their trailer according to their specific requirements, whether they need to transport a car with a certain weight or leaves.

Overcoming challenges

A 3D configurator where customers can put together a fully customized trailer online can seem like a challenge. How will it affect inventory and production?
Expivi’s 3D configurator platform automatically generates a complete Bill of Materials for each configured trailer using the ERP system. This list contains raw materials, sub-components, parts, and quantities required, so nothing is lost in the process. If certain options are no longer available, then Expivi’s platform does not show that particular part.

The 3D configurator helped us achieve a completely new business model which transformed the way we roll.

Niko Saris - E-commerce & Business Development Manager Eduard

Key Outcomes


of 150% within the first years and a 50% increase in their first month

Customers satisfaction

What you see is what you get. No more wrong configurations.

Happy employees

understand exactly what they are selling. No more communication errors

Automated supply chain

Lower operational costs with the use of an automated supply chain.


with a personalized experience, the customer feels in control.


Eduard opened a new factory to keep up with the increased demand.

More where that came from

Do you want to see how other brands from diverse industries are using Expivi’s 3D and Augmented Reality solution to boost e-commerce sales?

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