The rise of Augmented Reality (AR) and 3D product configuration in the furniture industry

Increase conversion rates, decrease returns, and improve overall customer satisfaction with a more engaging shopping experience

Configure your couch

By the numbers

40% increase
in conversion rates

80% reduction
in online returns

84% of customers
say experience is as
important as pricing

An ever-increasing opportunity

Augmented Reality

By implementing AR technology, furniture companies enable their consumers to experience furniture literally anywhere, using WebAR on a mobile device browser. This takes the guesswork out of interior design, enabling consumers to see exactly what a piece of furniture will look like, before they buy it. This leads to both increased customer satisfaction and up to an 80% decrease in online returns.

3D configuration

With 3D product configuration, your customers are able to build customized pieces of furniture via an e-commerce platform or website. Customization and personalization, especially regarding color, size, and style, are long-term lures of retail outlets attempting to reel in consumers, who are willing to pay a 20% premium for made-to-order goods and services.

Real-time pricing

As customers build a customized, D2C piece of furniture, businesses using AR-enabled platforms will be able to offer an additional benefit in the form of real-time pricing. This keeps customers aware of not only what they are buying, but how much they are spending, resulting in increased transparency and customer satisfaction, and decreased returns.  Expivi’s Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) functionality, meanwhile, offers unique pricing for each component of a particular product, as well as the total price of the final product.

“With the help of Expivi, our percentage of errors decreased by 50%”

– Robert, the CEO of 123 Maatkussens

Want to know how you can pave the way for a future that is as efficient as it is effective at meeting rapidly evolving consumer demands?

Actual results

And we mean it. Brands that use 3D product configurators and Augmented Reality see an increase in customer engagement, higher sales, and lower spend.

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